Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In Circumcisione Domini

O God, Heavenly Father of Mercy, God of all Consolation!
we thank thee that from our birth to this day,
Thou hast so well preserved us,
and hast protected us in so many dangers;
we beseech Thee, through the merits of Thy beloved Son,
and by His sacred blood which He shed for us
on this day in His circumcision,
to forgive all the sins which, during the past year,
we have committed against Thy commandments
by which we have aroused Thy indignation
and wrath against ourselves.
Preserve us in the coming year from all sins,
and misfortunes of body and soul.
Grant that from this day to the end of our lives,
all our senses, thoughts, words. and works,
which we here dedicate to Thee for all time,
may be directed in accordance with Thy will,
and that we may finally die in the true Catholic faith,
and enjoy with Thee in Thy kingdom a joyful new year
that shall know no end.


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