Saturday, December 01, 2007

Details. Details. Details.

Detail of Pope Benedict's cope and lace alb from First Vespers this evening. Also, note the gilt putus on Leo XII's throne as he looks toward His Holiness.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guilded putus will not save souls.
Wake up and join us in the 21st Century.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Fr LWG said...

Maybe when you wake up you’ll join others in the eternal reward! Putti are artistic interpretations of cherubim who do participate in man’s salvation by their mere existence as angels of God. Mentioned in Exodus 25 as having carved the figures (or simply having been the figures depending on the biblical translation) for the Ark of the Covenant. They are also said to have been posted at the entrance to Paradise after Adam and Eve were politely asked to leave. They are said to have two pairs of wings and four faces and stand for eternal vigilance and knowledge. Sometimes they are said to drive God's chariot for him, serve as a bookkeeping service, and maintain the hosts of heaven. Cherubim rank after the Seraphim and are the second highest in the nine hierarchies or choirs of angels. The Old Testament does not reveal any evidence that the Jews considered them as intercessors or helpers of God. They were closely linked in God's glory. They are manlike in appearance and double-winged and were guardians of God's glory. They symbolized then, God's power and mobility. In the New Testament, they are alluded to as celestial attendants in the Apocalypse (Rv 4-6). Catholic tradition describes them as angels who have an intimate knowledge of God and continually praise Him. (BTW, it’s gilded or gilt not “guilded”, Mr. Quasi-theologian!)

5:12 PM  

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