Monday, November 26, 2007

Vision 112607

At Holy Hour this morning the Lord gifted me with the following:

I was standing on a sand dune with waves and waves of sand to the East before me. Moving toward me was our Lord. He stopped, put His hand upon my shoulder and turned me around. A beautiful lush oasis spread out before us. The scene was green and cool. We came to a clear spring-fed pool, and sat at its edge; the cool water refreshed my scorched bare feet. Tall palms were laden with dates. Waterfowl splashed about. I noticed a pelican feeding her young.

The Lord spoke. His voice resounded amidst the flora and fauna of the oasis. There was gentle authority in his words: “You will help me.” “Yes, Lord. I am Your servant.” I replied. “Restore this for the good of those I have given you.” We stood. We embraced. He was gone.

I turned to the North and walked, the sand beneath my feet became lush grass. A woman stood before me standing on the hot burning sand, her hand reached out to me for comfort. I took hold of her and brought her to the refreshment of the oasis. Her family soon joined us. I continued to walk; everywhere I walked the oasis expanded and more people came to inhabit this place of nourishment.

Deo gratias.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful imagery..

7:00 AM  

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