Monday, August 27, 2007

Sacred Order

Bishop Arthur Serratelli, chairman-elect of the USCCB BCL (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy) understands the loss of the sacred of the last 40 years. In a recent diocesan column he writes:
The anti-authoritarian prejudice that we have inherited from the social revolution of the '60s imprinted on many a deep mistrust not only of government but of Church...Some even reject the very idea of hierarchy (literally, 'a sacred origin') as a spiritual authority established by God. As a result, Church means, for some, simply the assembly of like-minded believers who organize themselves and make their own rules and dogmas. Thus, the Church's role in the spiritual realm is greatly eclipsed."
I have observed in many Catholic churches in the Southwest US, less-than-artistic remnants of the '60s, in liturgy/environment committee's banal attempts to "decorate" for the season. These committees dumb-down the "worship space" with bolts of fabric draping the sterile, warehouse-like walls. Self-proclaimed liturgists who have no sense of the sacred have foisted their awful definition of beauty upon the faithful. Sacred art is replaced by toddler finger painting.

The worst "artistic" expressions I have ever seen were several poster boards, mounted around a church, covered by a montage of magazine photos which was meant to convey a concrete message of the season of Advent. It was absolutely the worst "liturgical art" I ever experienced. Hey! Here's a about hope-filled expectation of the Incarnation of our Salvation through prayer, sacred music, and reflection on the persons and messages of Isaiah, the Baptist, and the Virgin Mary rather than photojournalist's images of a hummingbird?

Let us allow the Holy Spirit to work through those called to lead and guide us to salvation--the hierarchy (the Pope, bishops, and priests)--rather than those who cling with a desperate death grip onto those false ideologies of a by-gone (thanks be to God) anti-authoritarian era. Also, let us pray for Bishop Serratelli as he shares his insightful understanding of the Sacred Liturgy handed to the Church by God Himself.



Blogger marylua5 said...

Cuanta nostalgia y cuanto dolor.
cuantos anos completamente ciegos.
ciegos guiando a otros ciegos..
y la madre y el hijo llorando de dolor.

perdimos lo mas valioso la fe.
y muchas almas han partido sin tener mas la esperanza de ver
lo que ahora usted y yo logramos entender solo por la gracia de dios.
rezo para que no vivamos mas en este mundo de tinieblas.

es dificil entender que en la misma casa del padre,
vivimos como si no fueramos hijos y errederos de su reyno celestial.
solo queda dar la vida por lo que creemos.
solo queda decir senor aqui estoy y que se haga en mi segun tu palabra..
solo queda se humildes y obedientes,
solo queda regrezar a dios.
solo queda dejarnos guiar por el santo espiritu de dios.

We must hope in God all the more when things seem more desperate;
when human help fails,
Divine help is not far away.
(Saint Ignatius loyola)


11:53 AM  

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