Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Commentary on Sacramentum Caritatis

Mixed reaction to Benedict's exhortation

Strictures in Pope Benedict's back to basics apostolic exhortation would only be observed when the bishop visits, a Melbourne priest has said while others have welcomed Benedict's criticisms of "trashy" modern liturgical music.

Melbourne archdiocese chaplain for the traditional Latin liturgy, Fr Glen Tattersall, told the Age that the Pope was concerned not to let the Mass imitate forms from secular culture. Instead, he wanted the liturgy to be closer to the Latin liturgy.

"Benedict has very strong ideas about music. He thinks most modern so-called liturgical music is pretty trashy," Fr Tattersall said.

But a Melbourne priest described by the Age as "liberal" said the strictures would be observed "only when the bishop comes to our church".

Hobart Archbishop Adrian Doyle, who attended the 2005 bishops' synod on which the exhortation is based, highlighted Pope Benedict's warning that society risks being enslaved to work and his defence of Sunday as a day of rest.

The day of rest was a concept that belonged to many faiths - for Jews it was Saturday, for Muslims Friday, Archbishop Doyle said.

"The church preserved the day of rest when it was seriously in jeopardy because of people's powerlessness. We have lost that concept, and a great treasure in doing so," he said.

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Blogger Athanasius said...

Athanasius has some comments on what he considers some of the more negative aspects of the document, in a prelude to his commentary of its positive elements.

See Athanasius' comments

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