Wednesday, February 07, 2007

World Day of the Sick Indulgence

Vatican says Catholics can get indulgence for sick-day activities
By Cindy Wooden | Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Catholics who participate in events connected with the Feb. 11 celebration of the World Day of the Sick can receive a special indulgence, the Vatican announced.

Pope Benedict XVI authorized the indulgences in order "to enrich" the World Day of the Sick and to highlight Christian teaching on "the value and function of suffering" accepted as a way to express sorrow for one's sins and trust in the fact that Christ's suffering is a source of salvation, said the Vatican statement released Feb. 5.

The statement was signed by U.S. Cardinal J. Francis Stafford, head of the Vatican tribunal that deals with indulgences and with matters related to the sacrament of penance.

An indulgence is a remission of the temporal punishment a person is due for sins he or she has committed.

A plenary, or full, indulgence is being offered to those who join the official celebrations of the World Day of the Sick in Seoul, South Korea, or in their own dioceses or parishes.

Plenary indulgences also can be obtained Feb. 11 by people who dedicate at least several hours that day to providing loving care for a sick person, especially one with an incurable or terminal illness, and by the sick themselves.

All those who want to receive the indulgence must go to confession, receive the Eucharist -- or promise to do so as soon as possible -- and pray for the intentions of the pope, all in a spirit of total detachment from the attraction of sin.

Cardinal Stafford said partial indulgences are being offered "between Feb. 9-11 to all the faithful each time they address, with a contrite heart, devoted prayers to the merciful God" on behalf of someone who is sick.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Whippersnapper,

There is a World Day for sick indulgences? Does that mean a celebration of things like eating chocolate mousse while getting a manicure? Having someone peel you grapes... and fan you with a banana leaf... while you are watching a playoff game between the Yankees and the Red Sox? Having the Women's Guild carry you in a comfortable chair -- all around the parish grounds -- while feeding you fresh tamales and specialty coffee drinks?

Wishing you the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ

6:09 AM  
Blogger rev fr lw gonzales said...

You have a wonderful wit! Thanks for the humor.

11:20 AM  

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