Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Season of Hope

Season of Hope: An Advent Musical premiered this evening. The event was a production of the parish liturgical ministries in conjunction with our family catechetical program. I enjoyed the fine balance of Sacred Scripture, drama, seasonal music, dance, and contemporary praise music in the one-hour production. Most of the talent came from the efforts of many wonderful people of the parish. The actors, dancers, musicians, vocalists, costumers, and technical support were appropriate for our parish of 2000 families. Our conference of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society was the recipient of the “entrance fee” of canned food and monetary donations. In fact, the assembly participated in the The Offering by bringing forth the food as the ensemble sang How Shall We Know You. The script was a collaborated effort of several members of the pastoral staff.

The Church has always been a patron of the arts as I explained in my opening remarks this evening. The gifts of our bodies and voices are lifted up as an act of thanksgiving to our God. The gospel message of peace, justice, hope, and longing were proclaimed in word and deed. It is in this type of production that our God-given c0-creativity is appropriately enacted.

The musical will be presented again on Friday evening.


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