Monday, December 25, 2006

Can you say tagged?

I just got home from Midnight Mass—I love incense and bells—to find that Caveman has tagged me with this Favorites Meme. (I knew this would happen some day.)

Your Favorite Film?


Juliette Binoche, Alfred Molina, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp

A single mother and her daughter move to rural France and open a chocolate shop across the street from the local church where they are met with the harsh reality of gossip and prejudice, and the truth of reconciliation. (Hugh O’Conor as Pere Henri is my second favorite film priest. His character matures throughout the movie.)

Your Favorite Film with a Religious theme?

The Miracle of Marcelino (Marcelino Pan y Vino)

Marcelino is an orphan who grows up in a monastery. One day when he eats his meal in an upstairs room full of old things he gives a piece of his bread to an old wooden Jesus figure. A truly unforgettable film.

Your Favorite Film Priest?

Bing Crosby as the easy-going, French-cuffed, odd hat-wearing Reverend Father Chuck O'Malley (who made up that name?) in The Bells of St. Mary's

He and Sister Mary Benedict (Ingrid Bergman)—they don’t make sisters like that anymore—work together to save a run-down parochial school on the verge of condemnation. The student Nativity play is a classic. Right, Mr. Horace P. Bogardus?

Your Favorite Film Nun?

Lilia Skala as Mother Superior Maria in Lilies of the Field

Everyone’s faith is summed up in Mother Superior’s as-a-matter-of-fact statement, “He’s gonna build us a shappel.” A-men. A-men. A-men.

Great line by Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier): [one of the nuns has just given Homer his breakfast; one fried egg and a half cup of milk] "That's a Catholic breakfast, ain't it?"

I tag Ginny, The Inspired Traditionalist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read about being "tagged," I think of the childhood game -- as in "tag, you're it."

9:00 PM  
Blogger rev fr lw gonzales said...

Yup. Me too.

10:19 PM  

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