Thursday, January 25, 2007

The devil has no knees

Please visit the Adoremus Bulletin for this article by Bishop Olmsted, Knees to Love Christ.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an interesting article, although I did not expect it to be. It contains information that readers might not already know. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to happen upon new (to me) information. Really, I could click my heels -- but since I am nearly your age, I won't. (Could tear something critical.)

6:40 AM  
Blogger prevat2 said...

Excellent article by a great bishop....up to a point. He looses me completely near the end when he backs the U.S. Bishops insane belief that "standing" is the proper position for receiving our Lord and Savior in the Holy Eucharist. If you want to end belief in the Real Presence, rip up the altar rail, stand in the "conga" line, receive in the hand and from Susie the EMHC.

7:58 AM  

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