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Domine non sum dignus

Why Holy Communion on the Tongue?

* Emphasizes the uniqueness of Holy Food as compared to ordinary food.

* Emphasizes the uniqueness of the ordained priest touching the Sacred Species.

* Emphasizes the presence of Christ feeding His flock, and fosters humility.

* Gives a strong sense of identification with the past Catholics and Saints on the tongue from time immemorial.

* Minimizes the danger of the Sacred Host being dropped or ignored.

* Fosters a sense of unity in the Liturgy.

* Reaffirms the facts that Holy Orders is a Sacrament that ordains a man to the priesthood.

* Expresses complete obedience to the Church.

-- From post this summer by Moneybags.


Blogger Sorka said...

Are these your thoughts Father or someone else's?

Frankly, I respectfully disagree with them.

12:08 PM  
Blogger rev fr lw gonzales said...

From Moneybags post this summer.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

All that makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunantly, many who bear the title of bishop, find all that way too Catholic.

3:20 PM  
Blogger Simon-Peter said...

There are three times in life when humans must have someone feed them:

1. as children (newborn-infants).
2. when they are too sick to feed themselves.
3. when they are too old.

Hint, hint.


The Vatican’s Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship issued in 1977 the following in response to the request for permission for communion in the hand:

"In reply to the request of your conference of bishops regarding permission to give communion by placing the host on the hand of the faithful, I wish to communicate the following. Pope Paul Vl calls attention to the purpose of the Instruction Memoriale Domini of 29 May 1969, on retaining the traditional practice in use [i.e. kneeling and on the tongue]. At the same time he has taken into account the reasons given to support your request and the outcome of the vote taken on this matter. The Pope grants that throughout the territory of your conference, each bishop may, according to his prudent judgment and conscience, authorize in his diocese the introduction of the new rite for giving communion. The condition is the complete avoidance of any cause for the faithful to be shocked and any danger of irreverence toward the Eucharist."
Sacred Congregation For Divine Worship, Letter "En reponse a la demande," to presidents of those conferences of bishops petitioning the indult for communion in the hand, 29 May 1969: AAS 61 (1969) 546-547; Note 5 (1969) 351-353.

That is, this permission (indult), to stand in line with your hand out like you were at Bojangles waiting for an egg and cheese biscuit, was given per a condition, to wit, "the complete avoidance of any cause for the faithful to be shocked and any danger of irreverence..."

Note well "ANY": "ANY" cause, and "ANY" danger, and not of any danger of objective sacrilege, which is rife, but "mere" "irreverance".

As should be clear to ANY, this condition has been grossly violated. The faithful have been scandalized again and again; conversions are made more difficult (think about it), belief in the Substantial Presence is undermined.

Let me refer to proposition number 24., Lamentabili Sane (Syllabus Condemning the Errors of the Modernists), Pope SAINT Pius X, July 3rd 1907.

24. The exegete who constructs premises from which it follows that dogmas are historically false or doubtful is not to be reproved as long as he does not directly deny the dogmas themselves.

This could be re-written thus:

The Catholic who behaves in a manner from which it follows that dogmas [e.g. the Substantial Presence] are actually falsehoods OR DOUBTFUL is not to be reproved as long as he does not directly [e.g. by jumping all over a consecrated Host]deny the dogmas themselves.

As it is I am within a gnats eyelash of beginning the process of petitioning the Holy See to abrogate this indult because the condition attached has been outrageously violated, or fulfilled, I guess it depends on ones persepective :-).


8:43 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, Fr. Here is a link, everyone, to that post on my blog:

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