Monday, November 13, 2006


Thanks to God, and the efforts of many people, Fiesta 2006 was a great success bringing in a gross total of $20,251.68.

The Fiesta success was evident from the very first hours. The following ministries contributed to the success: Encuentro Matrimonial Gorditas $1673: Social Committee Soda and Water $1654; Spanish Catechists Fry Bread and Aguas Frescas $1380; Bilingual Rosary/Bereavement Ministry/Spanish Choir Burritos and Cheese Crisps $1331; Guadalupanos Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with Chips $740; Filipino Community Filipino Plate $557; Spanish Mass Ushers Carne Asada $530; St. Vincent DePaul Snacks $269; Women’s Guild Cupcakes $197; Grupo de Oracion Menudo $184; Knights of Columbus Coffee & Doughnuts $150.

The carnival rides generated $2000, while the remainder was realized through raffle tickets sales, children’s games, information table rentals, and generous cash donations. Many thanks to all who brought items that were sold and used. This contribution made the event truly a parish-wide celebration.

Congratulations to Fiesta 2006 Queen, Princesses, and their families who contributed a total of over $2000.

Thanks also to the various entertainment groups, and the youth soccer tournament.

Hourly drawing prizes and the major raffle prize winners have been announced.

Expenses include: raffle ticket printing, major raffle prize purchases, children’s game prizes, fire marshal inspection, ice and freezer rental, portable toilets, trash dumpster rental, queen tiara, cape, sash, princesses sashes, kick-off dinner, dessert reception, miscellaneous supplies, and reimbursements to organizations.

Many thanks also to Fiesta 2006 Committee Members, and ad hoc members. A debt of gratitude goes also to the set-up/tear-down crew.

The Committee has begun preparations for Fiesta 2007, November 2, 3 and 4!


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