Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time for the Counter-Reform?

Please allow me to quote Bede at his Mundus Tranquillare Hic blog:

"There seems to be a certain ... something in the liturgical air. Anyone who has read Pope Benedict's book on the liturgy knows him to favour more traditional liturgies than what generally passes for Sunday Mass in most parishes in the United States. Some Traditionalists have been upset that he hasn't moved quickly (or perhaps at all) in correcting a whole host of dodgy practices and outright liturgical abuse that has infected the Church, particularly in the US, lo these thirty years.

"And yet, the new ICEL translations seem to be getting off the ground, certains bishops are now at least challenging the prevailing "wisdom" on liturgical music, and Cardinal Arinze at least is pushing Latin:

"In an hourlong, often humorous, address that received several standing ovations, Arinze suggested that, in order to give Catholics options, large parishes offer the Mass in Latin at least once a week, and in smaller, rural parishes, at least once a month.

"Rumours of a "universal indult" to liberalize the Mass of St. Pius V (the so-called "Tridentine" or "Latin" Mass) have advanced enough that the French Bishops have begun to panic. Rumours abound that the Anglican Use will be extended, in part I assume to prepare for an influx of traditionalist Episcopalians into the Tiber.

"Even Gregorian chant seems to be making a comeback of sorts. Not in my parish, of course, where I'm currently on strike from the music of Häagen-Dazs Haugen and Haas. I haven't sung a hymn in two weeks. When I talked with some of our choir about this, I was told that nobody wants to go back to the "old music" because "it's hard to sing" and "we don't want to dictate, like they used to". The fact that they were dictating was lost on them."

Bede's astute observations, comments and post title, have me considering myself a "Counter-Reformationist." I like the sound of that. The bishops at the Council of Trent, Saint Pius V, and Saint Charles Borromeo, all Counter-Reformationists, would be appalled at the liturgies of today.


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